What is CoBrowse, how to use CoBrowse with a 4G Client Excellence Associate

What is Cobrowsing?

It is like screen sharing, but it’s limited to the browser.

There is NO download necessary to initiate this session and the 4G Client Excellence Support Associate will only have viewing rights to the 4G web pages. Meaning they can not see any other open websites or anything else on your computer.  


What is the benefit of a Co-Browse session?

It allows the Associate to view your screen and to assist you with navigation and functionality questions while communicating over the phone or via chat.

How Do I Start a Co-Browse session with an Associate?

While in Prancer, you can click on ‘Support’ on the right-hand side of the top menu and select the option to ‘co-browse with support’ from the drop down. You can also click on the Co-Browse link from within the 4G Clinical Help Center page.

When done successfully a small pop-up window will present in the bottom of your screen containing a unique session code and a privacy message.


Provide the ‘Co-browse session code’ highlighted in green to the support associate and they will begin to assist.  



How to Close or Cancel a Co-Browse Session?

If you would like to cancel or close your session with support,  please click on the ‘x’ to close out and then a new message box will appear asking you to confirm.

Once this appears please click on ‘stop’ to formally close out the session.






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